Season Ticket (20h)

For a healthy life, there is nothing like exercising. Also, if it is outdoors, better than better.s

Season Ticket (20h)
Season Ticket
Season Ticket

You have the opportunity to exercise outdoors, surrounded by spectacular landscapes and practicing an activity with which to exercise the major muscle groups, also providing aerobic conditioning for your body.

We offer a 20-hour season pass, through which you can enjoy your favorite activity (Kayak or Sup),with all the equipment included and to consume for 3 months.

In addition, in each session you do, we will advise you on different ways to paddle to exercise different muscles.

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Single Sit On Top (K1): 100,00€
Double Sit On Top (K2): 150,00€
Sea Kayak (touring) (SK1): 150,00€
Paddle Surf Board (SUP): 150,00€
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