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This project stems from the relationship of its founders, Monica and Ismael with the nature, the sea and the volcanic lands of the island. We have made of a hobby a passion, and we want to share it.

Imagine a place where all year long you can enjoy the adventure. Where nature and man's hands have created something unique. Unrepeatable. Where the strength of the land and sea have sculpted amazing forms. An environment with a wide range of things to do. In short, a perfect setting for outdoor activities.

Do it what you imagine, becomes a reality.

Welcome to our home. Welcome to Lanzarote.

Join Us! You'll love Lanzarote even more.


Since last 2015 we have extensive facilities next to the beach.

Our Facilities
Our Facilities
Our Facilities

In order to provide comfort and good service to our customers, as well as direct access to the beach, we offer extensive facilities where we offer:

Our activities are tailored to children and are suitable for families; therefore, we have facilities and equipment appropriated for everyone. Also, for activities that take place far from the beach near our facilities, we have vehicles for transferring people with 9 seats, and trailer to haul kayaks, SUP or any other necessary materials.

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