We are a team of professionals who work for and improving professional groups and / or trade relations. In the same manner, we turn as well our energy in getting groups, schools or academies to have the most profitable, adventurous and fun while they stay in Lanzarote. Our company designs activities and routes specially adapted to the needs of groups and collectives: Team Building, incentives, end-of-school trips, stages, clinics, events or groups of friends or families.

Activities Outdoor


Lanzarote gives us a first dream scenario. Enjoy a climate and spectacular scenery all year round. In this sense, the outdoor activities take on a special meaning: volcanic areas, crystal clear beaches, cliffs or historic villages are some landscapes in which to develop cohesive activities. Different experiences as:

  • The Olimpic Games
  • Suvival
  • Orienteering
  • Zip Line
  • Shackleton Expedition
  • Sea Kayak
  • BTT among others

Performed in this unique setting, and nature Classroom Style.


Activities Outdoor

Team building

Activities Outdoor

Team Building
Zip Line

Activities Outdoor

Zip Line
Los Olimpic Games

Activities Outdoor

The Olimpic Games
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